Auto Level

Autolevel AL32 (Dumpy Level)  Auto level

Autolevel AL24 (Dumpy Level)  

Prices includes tripod and staff!

We also service and repair auto levels.

Work done by qualified technicians.

What does the AL series offer?

The AL series available in the AL 32 auto level and the AL 24 auto level, both models come with a air damped automatic compensator, has a x32 or a x24 magnification depending on the model.

What does RT Agencies offer with every Auto level?

RT Agencies offers the AL model of Automatic levels they come in both a x24 and a x32 magnification. Each Dumpy level is sold as a set that includes a tripod, and a 5×5 section staff. RT Agencies also gives its customers full back up on all the dumpy levels that are sold which include service, repair, and calibration.


  • Magnification 24 x (AL24)
  • Magnification 32 x (AL32)
  • Distance: 240m
  • Accuracy +/- 2.0mm/km (Double Run)
  • Objective aperture 38 mm
  • Field of view 1 20
  • Shortest focusing distance 0.3 m
  • Air damping compensator
  • Circle 360
  • Graduation of circle 1
  • Weight: 3 kg

When where dumpy levels invented?

The dumpy level was invented in 1832 by by a British civil engineer William Gravatt who, while working on the south eastern railway,was forced to use a old y-level. This inspired him to create the more portable and user friendly dumpy level.

What is a dumpy level used for

A auto level or dumpy level or builders level is mainly used in the surveying and construction industries to transfer, measure, or set out horizontal lines.

How is a Auto level used?

the builders level is attached to a tripod and set to a level position by manipulating the foot screws. the user then looks through the eye piece at a 5 meter by 5 section staff,  that is held in place by a second person.

The measurement is usually taken from a point of known height that has been determined in a previous survey. or if this is not possible from a point with a assumed height.

What is the difference between a dumpy level and a auto level?

The main difference between auto level and a dumpy level is that internally a auto level has a free hanging prism (compensator) that is capable of automatically compensate for the last few seconds that the level is out. A dumpy level does not have this feature and requires a skilled operator to set the level manually in all four quadrants.

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