Geo Fennel FM1800 Cement Mixer

Geo Fennel FM1800 Cement Mixer

The Geo Fennel FM1800 Cement mixer is sold by RT Agenciesfm1800

This hand held device can mix cement for you in next to no time. The Cement Mixer features two adjustable speeds 150 to 300 rpm and 300rpm to 650 rpm. Light weight it only needs one operator.The Mortar Mixer can mix up to 50kgs of mortar or concrete. The Geo Fennel FM1800 Mixer can also be used in industrial kitchens, bakeries, and in the mixing of cosmetic and chemicals.


  • Power: 1800w
  • Over-surge protection
  • weighs 6kg
  • 150-300 and 300- 650 rpm

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