EC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge

Used for non-destructive coating thickness measurements. eg. (paint, insulated coatings and anodizing coating)


Probe F ProbeN
Measuring principle Magnetic induction Eddy Currents
Measuring range 0 to 1300um (0 to 51.18mils) 0 to 1300um (0 to 51.18m ils)
Accuracy(with zero calibration) ± (3%+2um) ± (3%+2um)
Resolution 0um~99.9um(0.1um) 0um~99.9um(0.1um)
100um~999um(1um) 100um~999um(1um)
1000um~1300um(0.01mm) 1000um~1300um (0.01mm)
Calibration One point to four point calibration zero point calibration
Data group Onedirect group(readings not be stored to memory) Four general group(readings will be stored automatically) NOTE: each group have individual statistics alarm limit settings and Multi-point calibration
Statistics No. of readings; mean; minimum; maximum and standard deviation
Units um; mm; mils
Alarm User can set the high/low alarm limit. Alarm icon displayed on LCD when over the limit
Minimumcurvature radius convex 1.5mm
Minimum curvature radius concave 25mm
Minimum measuring area Diameter 5mm
Minimum thickness of substrate 0.5mm(0.02") 0.3mm(0.012")
Maximum measuring rate Two readings per second
Computer interface Download data via USB;
Power supply Two 1.5V AAA battery
Operation environment Temperature: 0to 40C(32to 104T); humidity: 20% to90%rh
Storage environment Temperature: -20to 70C(-4 to 158T)
Standard Compliance ROHS CE WEEE
Size 110mmx53mmx24mm(4.33"x2.09"x0.94")
CaseMaterial and weight ABS; 84g(2.96oz)

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