Ectha SM

Standard Concrete Test Hammer  – Ectha SM 

What does the Ectha SM Schmidt hammer do?

The DRC Ectha SM Concrete Test Hammer (similar to the Proceq, Original Schmidt hammer) tests the rebound strength of concrete or rock by firing a spring loaded plunger onto the sample, the strength at which plunger rebounds is measured. The reading is then referenced against conversion charts on which the rebound value is calculated.
The DRC Ectha SM is used for non destructive testing of concrete and rock.

What is included with the Test hammer?

The Concrete Test Hammer is sold with a soft carry case, manual, conversion charts and calibrating certificate. Ectha SM models are supplied with an abrasion stone which is an indispensable accessory for the detailed investigation of concrete structures.


Mechanical Components:

  • Exterior : Aluminium 6060 – 11S
  • Treatment : Anodizing Oxidation
  • Internal Components: C40
  • Heat Treatment: NIT-OX
  • Movement rod: Steel INOX 303
  • Handle: Hard Nylon
  • Painting : Soft Grey Colours

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  • Dimension : 30 x 7 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 Kg
  • Packing : 40 x 30 x 15


  • Range : 10-120 N/mm² MpA
  • Impact Energy : 2,207 Nm
  • Limit Thickness Test : Thickness > 120mm

KIT Ectha SM – Accessories

  • Concrete Test Hammer Ectha SM
  • Abrasion Stone
  • Plastic Case for Stone and Operating Manual
  • Calibration Report
  • Soft Case



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