FL 260 Rotating Laser

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What is the FL260 rotating laser?

The FL260 is a rotating laser that is used by builders to level out a construction site.The rotating laser is placed on a tripod and ‘shoots” a laser into a spinning prism, this is what give you a straight line. the laser is protected to a  receiver that is placed on a cut and fill staff, the receiver has an audible and visual alarm that lets you know by how much the surface must be “cut” or “filled”

Why is the FL260 rotating laser the right rotating laser for you?

The FL260 is a fully automatic self leveling rotating laser. the FL 260 is compact with easy to use controls, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The FL260 rotating laser has the following features.


FL 260

Wave length

Laser diode, 3R0



Leveling accuracy

Horizontal: ± 0.5mm/10m

Vertical: ± 0.5mm/10m

Rotating speed

800, 300 U/min.

Scan angle

0°, 10°, 45°, 90°, 180°

Manual slope setting X and Y axis

±5° (±9 %)

Self-leveling range

± 5°

Measuring range


Remote control


Power supply

3,6 V LI-Ion-Akku

Power supply alternatively

3 x 1,5 V C Alkine-Batteries

Operating time Li-Ion battery


Operating time Alkaline battery



219 x 160 x 202mm


2,6 kg

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