FL 500 Rotating Laser

FL 500 HV-G

Tripod + cut and fill staff includedflg_500hv-g_green_1_835x1000_72dpi_w

2 Year warranty.

What does a rotating laser do?

A rotary laser is a type of laser level that projects a 360˚ laser beam instead of a single straight laser line. the rotating laser only gives the illusion of a solid line and it does this is done by the laser diode “shooting” the laser beam into a spinning prism.

What is a rotary laser used for?

The two main functions of a rotating laser are two project a 360˚ line in a room, and when used with a laser receiver and a cut and fill staff it can be used to work out the gradient of a construction site.

What does the FL500 self leveling laser offer?

The FL 500 series is part of the latest generation of  dial in dual axis rotating lasers. The FL 500 rotating laser is Geo-fennel’s flagship model, with its incredible range of 1200m it can double as a theodolite! The FL500 is exclusively for the professional who believes that quality and precision has no price.

The FL 500 series comes standard with the following.


FL 500

Wave length




Leveling accuracy

Horizontal: ± 0.5mm/10m

Vertical: ± 1mm/10m

Rotating speed

300, 600 U/min.

Scan angle

0°, 10°, 45°, 90°, 180°

Self-leveling range

± 8°

Measuring range


Remote control


Power supply

intelligent / Li-Ion

Power supply alternatively

Alkaline batteries

Operating time Li-Ion battery



3,85 kg

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