G2 Engineers Auto Level


G2 Engineering Auto Level Sold by RT Agencies.
One year workmanship warranty. excluding water, abuse and fall.

G2 Engineers Level

G2 Engineers Level

What does RT Agencies and the G2 Engineering Auto Level offer?

The Engineers Auto Level has a four suspension wires, a magnetic damping compensator this gives its user A greater accuracy. Water, dust and humidity proof and rugged for superior performance in the in the most demanding conditions.Easy to operate with its dual knobs, can easily be operated with left and right handed people.

What is the G2 Engineers Auto Level?

The G2 Engineers Auto Level is a stable and accurate Dumpy level that is used by civil engineers and contractors who are engaged in complex projects where they need to level with utmost precision.

How does the G2 Engineers Auto Level work?

The G2 Engineers Auto Level works in much the same way as a dumpy level,as its a telescope that uses a spirit bubble to level the image you see through the viewfinder. But the precision level has a stronger compensator that allows for an extra degree of accuracy.

It is a firm favourite in the railway construction industry.

Specifications Technical Data
Standard deviation of 1km double run ±1.0mm
Magnification 32x
Field Of view 1˚20'
Shortest focusing distance 0.3m
Working range ±15'
Setting accuracy ±0.3"
Setting time ≤2s
Sensitivity of circular level 10' per 2mm
Horizontal Circle 360˚ or 400G
Net weight 3.7kg

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