Civil Lab Equipment

We supply the following civil lab equipment:


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RT Agencies supplies Cube Moulds, Slump Cone Test Set, Cube Press, Curing Bath, and Sieves to the civil material lab industry for the onsite and laboratory testing of concrete and soil.
Cube Moulds come in 100×100 and 150×150 sizes made from Cast iron steel or polyurethane. Used to pour in concrete. Heavy Duty Cube Mould weighs 18 kg and light duty cube moulds weight 10 kg. The cast iron cube moulds are 5 piece folding cube moulds.
All Curing Baths are made to order and to user specifications used to soak concrete cubes
RT Agencies also offer the following models of Cube Press manual with clock read out, manual digital read out, and the Foote test cube press
RT Agencies sell sieve for analysing the particle size of different materials that are used during the construction.

California Bearing ratio is a penetration test done that test the load bearing capacity of a road. Was invented by the California Department of Transportation during world war II
Material testing is done on the various materials that are used during the construction process to ensure that a set quality standard is being met this process is usually performed under the close supervision of a civil engineer. The Cube Press test is done to see how the concrete will harden over a set period of time as concrete hardens when it mixes with water.

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