RT Agencies Sells Construction Lasers

We offer everything from line laser, rotating laser, and square lasers. Laser are used in virtually every sector of the construction industry thanks to there accuracy and ease of use, and they have revolutionized the industry by cutting the time and costs it takes to level, align,square and plumb while building. Construction laser can also be placed on excavating equipment, and be used while  laying down pipes.

Laser levels and rotating lasers can do the following functions  align and plumb walls, level floors, and basic survey work.


geo FENNEL rotating and line laser can by bought at RT Agencies

FL55 Multiliner plus

The geo FENNEL FL55 sold by RT Agencies ideal for interior work like partitioning and cabinet making.

FL70 Line laser00000043913_geofennelfl70

The FL70 premium line laser Useful tool for entry level professionals like carpenters and engineers.

FL40 geo FENNEL line laser1c8eef0081

The FL40 can easily cut time and cost on a construction project.

FL240 rotating laser

The FL240 sold by RT Agencies is ideal for interior work like leveling shelves.

geo FENNEL FL260 Rotating laser

The FL260 features a powerful laser diode that allows it to double as a dumpy level.

FL500 Rotating Laserflg_500hv-g_green_1_835x1000_72dpi_w

The FL500 is geo FENNELS Flagship rotating laser, capable of replacing even your theodolite.

FKL-50 Pipe Laser

RT Agencies sells highly specialised laser for the building of pipelines.

RT Agencies sells Laser Liner products

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