Line Lasers

RT Agencies sells the following Line Laser from doyen

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The Doyen 360 Line Laser is a entry level Laser Level that is a great choice for the up and coming business. The Laser Line is visible to up to 300m.

From geo FENNEL.

FL 40 Line Laser is a laser level that is tough and reliable and suitable for indoor partitioning work.

FL 55 Multi-liner a multi-Functional self leveling cross laser that has a robust design.

FL 70 Line Laser part of the selection pro range from geo FENNEL is highly accurate and with a highly visible laser line.

And From Laser Liner the Super Cross Laser

A line Laser uses a optic to project a straight line on a surface most lasers have a automatic compensator that helps the laser to stay completely plumb and level

line lasers.pdf

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