RT Agencies sells Meters, Scanners, and Flash light, cap lamps and Torches.26db59cda7


RT Agencies sells the UT522 Earth Ground Tester (made by UNIT-T) which measures soils attribute as a conductor of electricity. The earth as a whole is a bad conductor, but if the area of the path is big enough the resistance might be low enough for the earth to be a good conductor.
RT Agencies also supplies the UNI-T UT522UT522 which tests the soils ability to be a conductor of electricity. The UT522 Earth Ground Resistance Tester has a resistance range from 0 to 4000 ohms and a voltage range of 0-400V. All data is displayed on a LCD display.

RT Agencies sell the following Laser Liner products


A thermal infra-red thermometer measure the thermal radiation that an object emits. The infra-red thermometer converts these values into electrical signal. A useful tool for mechanics to determine if an engine is over heating, or for the electrician who needs to see if a terminal is overloading.

Thermal Imaging Cameras takes a photo which shows the heat that an object emits.It is a great tool for structural engineers to see where there might be a future problem or by emergency rescue crews who need to find victims in a smoke filled building.

A Lux meter is a must have gadget for the professional photographer which uses it to work out the amount of exposure he has to use in a shot. A Lux Meter is able to measure how bright a object appears to the human eye.
The contractors cap lamp is a resilient cap lamp that can easily be mounted onto a hard hat it is a great choice for the construction industry fully rechargeable and can operate for up to 12 hours.

The miners head lamp was specifically designed to out-last its rivals under ground. It is easy to use and affordable. The miners cap lamp is fully rechargeable an virtually indestructible. Uses state-of-the art LED technology.


The Badger torch is exclusive to RT Agencies and it’s a tough little number with a long lasting operating time. The torch is a great gift idea for an avid camper or even just for you to keep on hand in the event that some thing happens.

The hunters cap lamp is an ideal gift for the budding outdoors man. The Hunters Cap  Lamp can take a beating in the roughest bush, it is even splash proof. The hunters cap lamp operates for 8 hours continuosly and it is fully rechargeable and you can save thousands in battery costs.

RT Agencies supplies varying amount of testers for multiple different applications.
Economic Leeb Hardness Tester THL210 EC-770 Coating Thickness Gauge Building Materials Moisture Meter
Converts to all common hardness scales (HV; HB; HRC; HRB; HRA; HS) Used for non-destructive coating thickness measurements Portable moisture measurement tool

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