Pagani TG63-150 Pentrometer

Pagani TG63-150 Pentrometer sold by RT Agencies.

Static and/or Dynamic soil testing done by on one piece of equipment.PENETROMETER TG63-150 2


The Pagani TG63-150 is a tracked rig that can perform static or dynamic soil penetration, supplied with all the necessary weights and rods for configured DPSH, DPH, and DPM testing. Its anchoring system stabilises the rig while it is in operation. The Pagani TG63-150 uses rubber tracks and a hydraulic lifting system the move over any type of terrain giving geotechnical investigator and geologist the ability to  conduct a wide variety of test in any type of terrian at a fraction of the costs.

Technical Data
Engine Type Petrol;2 cyl;v Diesel 2cyl
Power 18-1300 18-1300
Cooling Air Water
Truck with hydrostatic transmission Rubber Track
Transfer speed 0 – 2
Max slope % 25
Hydraulic pump
number of pumps 2
Max operative pressure 240
Number 3
Type Hydraulic


Dimension And Weight
Petrol Diesel Petrol Diesel Petrol Diesel
H (mm) 1520 1520 1470 1470 1520 1520
L (mm) 2450 2450 2400 2400 2450 2450
P (mm) 1120 1120 1120 1120 1120 1120
Weight (kg) 1010 1070 1000 1060 1080 1040

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