Roto-sure Digital Measuring Wheel

Roto-sure Classique Digital Measuring Wheel.fg061b

The Roto-sure Classique Digital Measuring Wheel sold by RT Agencies. What makes the Roto-sure Classique digital measuring wheel unique? The Roto-sure Classique Digital Measuring Wheel is the choice of professional surveyors when the need arises to accurately measure a road for maintenance purposes. The Roto-sure Classique Digital Surveyors Wheel features a handy trigger brake and also a trigger reset button, which allows the operator to adjust the Roto-sure Classique Digital Measuring Wheel without bending down. It also has a specially designed drive that connects the measuring wheel and the digital counter. This drive is used to  protect the unit in rugged and uneven terrain. It is the ideal tool for fencing, site layouts, and property assessment. The Roto-sure Cassique Digital Measuring wheel allows you to save up to 8  different readings. It has the following features:

  • A trigger brake
  • Can be Folded in half
  • Release clip used as a push button
  • Zero reset also a push button
  • Kick down slide stand
  • Comes with a carrying bag for easy transport
  • Battery operating time of 1000 hours
  • Zero point indicator
  • Debris removing scraper
  • Good traction
  • Wheels are sealed in a roller bearing
Measuring distance  10 000m
Increments        0.1m
Wheel circumference           1m
Wheel Diameter      0.32m
Weight     2.36kg

What is a measuring wheel? The measuring wheel is a simple device which consists of a handle attached to a single wheel that is pushed by an operator. It also consists of a special device that is connected to the wheel which counts the total revolutions of the wheel and it measures a set distance with every revolution.

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