Schmidt Hammer

Doyen HT225 Ectha SM Digital Hammer Ectha 1000


The Schmidt Hammer was invented by Ernst Schmidt mainly as a means to test a structure’s ability to withstand loads and stress. A Schmidt hammer has a metal rod that strikes the concrete at a defined force, the rebound energy of this impact is measured since it is all dependent on the hardness of the concrete.

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RT Agencies supplies the construction industry with a range of Schmidt hammers: Its very own Doyen Schmidt Hammer which is a great entry level Schmidt hammer and the following rebound hammers by DRC (Italy), the Ectha 500 and Ectha 1000 concrete test hammers which give it’s users precision quality. The DRC digital Schmidt hammer is a link between 1950’s hardware oriented world and the 21st century data driven world. It it is capable of measuring, converting and saving data on the user’s computer. The DRC Rock Geo Hammer was developed in a collaborative effort between DRC and the Università Politecnica Delle Marche to allow geologist to measure the rebound properties of ground and rock. And the original Proceq schmidt hammer.

RT Agencies provides full back up to all Concrete Test Hammer sold which include service and calibration.

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