Surveying Equipment sold by RT Agencies



The GT-117 Theodolite has a maximum operating time of 80 hours, this coupled with the rechargeable battery pack means it can work virtually around  the clock, has a dual LCD displays and industry standard controls. Each theodolite comes with a wooden tripod.

Dumpy levels, Auto levels

RT Agencies sells auto levels, the AL series for everyday use and the precision engineering auto level for more precise work.

The AL series Auto level  is a hard working dumpy level, a must have item for most construction site. The AL series auto level is series as an entry level dumpy for construction professional that needs an auto level that can take the rigors of a building site.

The Precision Auto Level, thanks to its stronger compensator, is a highly accurate version of an auto level. Used mainly on projects where a greater degree of accuracy is needed like railway construction. RT Agencies offers full back upon all its auto levels.

RT Agencies sells Roto-Sure™Digital Measuring Wheels and Standard Measuring Wheels.

The Roto-Sure Measuring Wheel  is the best in the world. The Roto-Sure measuring wheel was the 1st in the world to introduce a breaking system and controls on the handle. The Roto-Sure Classique Digital Measuring Wheel uses a digital measure and store data.

Leica Laser Distance Meters (Distos)

RT Agencies is a dealer of Leica laser distance meters the world leader in laser range finding technology. A laser distance meter uses a laser beam to measure the distance to an object. The distance meter does this by calculating the time the laser beam to be reflected back from the target.

Service and Calibration of Auto-Levels (Dumpy-Levels)

RT Agencies offers full back up and support on all dumpy levels, which include service, calibration and repairs.


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